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Born in Cyprus I spent all my youth on the island of Aphrodite, who according to myths was brought to the island by the wind Zephyros.  I spent two years in Athens studying Geology and enjoying Greece, and then emigrated to Australia.

I arrived in Fremantle,  Western Australia in 1969, the same year a man called Amstrong walked on the moon.  The years that followed were rich with education, relationships and experiences.  I worked in factories, the metropolitan markets and the State Government, and got married and have four wonderful girls.

During this time I discovered two precious loves. Teaching the Greek language and journalism. I have been teaching for 40 years in community schools, technical colleges, and universities. At the same time I was involved with the Community Radio and SBS Radio Australia: I have had a regular Friday segment in SBS Radio for 20 years now.  For the last 7 years I have been leading tours to Greece with the Aegean Odyssey.

My biggest achievement happened around 10 years ago when I founded the Zephyros Greek School of Greek Language and Culture, the first private Greek language adult teaching institution.


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